Common problem

common problem

common problem

How will my jewelry be packed?
Your jewelry will be carefully packed in a protective box with our jewelry box and dust bag to ensure it arrives intact. More importantly, we will provide you with specific silver polishing cloth and jewelry care instructions for your daily jewelry care.

Is the jewelry covered by the warranty?

Only engagement rings and wedding rings are covered by the warranty. Jewelry is not included.

Will you adjust the size of fashion rings?

We cannot adjust the size of fashion rings. We recommend that you make sure it fits your fingers during the 30-day return period. We are happy to exchange the goods for you.

Wedding ring

Is your wedding ring nickel-free?

In order to give our customers with sensitive skin more choices, the 18kt gold nickel-free wedding ring requires an additional payment of $100. To order a nickel-free wedding ring, please contact the customer email Platinum is another hypoallergenic option.

Can you carve a wedding ring?

All wedding rings come with free engraving. We can even engrave symbols such as hearts and infinity symbols. Due to the nature of eternal bands, they cannot be carved. Depending on your ring size, we can engrave up to 12 characters, including spacing. Contact customer service center if you want your jewelry to be carved.

Do you accept returns of jewelry?

Jewelry can be returned. However, customized jewellery cannot be returned.

Note: Each customer is allowed two returns/exchanges per year.

What should I get as an anniversary gift?

There are no strict rules about what you should get as an anniversary gift. Some common anniversary gifts include eternity rings and earrings-but whatever you think your partner will wear and cherish, you can get them.

Can my order be shipped internationally?

Yes. International customers must pay shipping, duties and taxes. For more information, please contact customer service via email:
Note: Each customer is allowed two returns/exchanges per year.

Do I have to return the product within a few days?

Orders can be returned within 30 days after delivery to your home or partner store.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We provide free overnight delivery within the United States. Depending on the style of the ring, it may take three days to two weeks to receive the engagement ring or wedding ring.

Can I ship an order to a location other than my billing address?
You can ship to other locations. However, your alternate shipping address needs to be archived with your credit card to receive the package. Just call your bank and provide them with an alternate shipping address.

Is the packaging discreet?
All orders will be delivered in carefully marked packages so as not to spoil the surprise.

Can I track my package?

For security reasons, we cannot disclose the tracking number. However, when your order is shipped, you will receive an email notification and will include a link where you can enter your order number to track your package.

Is it worth insuring the engagement ring?
Jewelry is easy to lose-we often take off the ring while washing our hands, applying lotion or swimming. Some people end up wearing as few engagement rings as possible because they are afraid of what will happen. This shouldn’t be the case—jewelry is meant to be worn and enjoyed, so yes, it’s totally worth it to insure your engagement ring.

Is the high jewellery covered by the warranty?

Only engagement rings and wedding rings are covered by the warranty. Jewelry is not included.

What does in-stock, out-of-stock and make-to-order mean?

Shipping and handling time depends on the item you ordered. The status of each product (in stock, out of stock, or customized) is displayed on each individual product page, as well as the estimated shipping date.
In stock
It is in our facility, ready to welcome a new home! The delivery time is usually within 2 working days from the date of order, but please be sure to indicate the estimated "delivery time" on each individual product page-this is the date it will leave our factory. You will see it above the "Add to Shopping Bag" button.
out of stock
We don't have it on hand yet, but it will come soon! Don't worry, you can still buy it, and your order will be added to the queue for immediate shipment when they are available! The estimated delivery date will be indicated on the product page and at checkout for your reference. You will see it above the "Add to Shopping Bag" button. Please note that we will charge you when placing the order.
Customization (including engraving and monogram)
Once you place an order, we need to make this piece because it is made specifically for you and may take more time to process. Please be sure to write down the estimated delivery date on the product page so that you can plan accordingly. These works include our Milestone collection (engagement rings and wedding rings), sculptures and monograms.

What are some examples of wear not covered?

Discoloration due to exposure to chemicals, cosmetics, swimming pools, hot tubs and bathing.
Prongs and precious metals will wear out over time. In addition to normal wear and tear, repair work is also required.
Prongs that bend, fray, and get stuck in the fabric and are pulled causing the stone to fall or lose are caused by normal wear and tear.
Lost stones or stones that have fallen off, chipped or cracked due to normal wear and tear.

Why is the recipient's information needed to activate the warranty?
We need the recipient’s information so that if there is a problem with their engagement ring or wedding ring, we can work directly with them to solve the problem.